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And then in our culture there might be some days where you do have the power through using Vigrx Plus supplements it or some instances where you have to get on a plane. You just got to get on it.  Yeah.  Once you’re on the plane, maybe take a nap or get out your journal.  Exactly! Because it really is so much – we really have so much more choice and so much more freedom then we give ourselves opportunities.  Yeah I never heard this doshic explanation of the cycle so thank you that was really beautiful supplements.  Learn more at 
I love it. So let’s see, maybe we can talk next about the Ayurvedic principles or methods. I’d imagine Ayurveda like Chinese medicines there are different methods in Chinese medicine we say we’ve acupuncture and herbs and qigong and I’d imagine Ayurveda has these different branches. Is that all right?  Yeah. I would say probably very much in the same way.  Okay. Tell us what they are. List them off, if you don’t, mind in Ayurveda.  To me it has so much more to do with what we’re doing every day.  Got you.  And if that’s messed up like the best herbs and the best yoga routine and the best meditation practice and the best color therapy or mantra therapy or really anything else specific acupressure points that we call marma points. It’ll be like a Band-Aid.  Okay. So you’re lifting off some pretty power things where you’re saying if the base isn’t there, if the foundation isn’t there then these things won’t be enough so to speak? Learn more at and  
Yeah. And they’re all much more often expensive than the stuff that’ll actually help. And honestly deep down it’s if we look at Ayurveda’s like the ways that disease happens, like what are the causes of disease like the biggest one. The one that we talk about the most is called prajnaparadha. And it means the failure of the intellect, which I like to translate that to just not learning from your yesterdays. So that’s the number one cause of disease. It’s just not learning from yourself, from yesterday or last month and last menstrual cycle or the last 25 years of menstrual cycles. And now you’re menopause. Right? And not learning from that, it’s like that’s the cause. So then it’s like, how much is marma therapy or panchakarma or whatever going to help if then you don’t learn from your yesterdays to change your behavior today and tomorrow and the next day? And once we get that, we are very in rhythm with cheaper male supplements to boost libido. 
Our physiology is the most advanced technology that we know of in the universe. Right? And so when we dishonor our own intellect, our own ability to discern, “Yes. No. More of that, less of that,” and we override that because we have these hyper westernized logical rational minds and modes of education. So we’ve learned how to override so much of our subtle body energetics and our subtle body technology and even our physical body technology. I mean how many people wake up, they drink coffee instead of water right? And then they go to the computer or the iPad or the iPhone and they start digitizing. And then they drive to work or commute to work. And then they sit all day. And then they might reward themselves with something like really heavy food or food that’s just not full of life force energy, not like vibrant in green and living or close to living and consciously prepared and consciously taken in. Right? And then they go home. Maybe they think like go to the gym, maybe not. And maybe most people don’t statistically. Right? So obviously not our target market here, but statistically just to see what’s happened. And then eat another big heavy meal. And then watch TV

Robin Patterson