Benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy

The natural hormone replacement therapy defines as the process of using synthetic or natural hormones to balance out the reduced levels of hormones in the body. The natural hormone replacement therapy is also termed as the estrogen replacement therapy. Effective in improving the patient’s quality of life and reduce the menopausal symptoms, the hormone replacement therapy has been proven to reduce the hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, increased fatigue, irritability, depression, vaginal dryness and incontinence.

Estrogen replacement therapy has been prescribed for two primary purposes: preventive treatment against osteoporosis and heart diseases; and relief from menopausal symptoms. Natural hormone replacement therapy also provides long-term protection against cardiovascular diseases and colon cancer. Natural hormone replacement therapy is safe, sensible, effective, and free from side effects, unlike synthetic hormones. Natural hormones can also be customized for individuals.

Who can benefit from this hormone replacement therapy?

This hormone therapy has been designed keeping in mind the various symptoms that a woman may experience because of menopause. However, prior to choosing the therapy, be sure that your doctor has reviewed your menopausal signs and symptoms adequately.

The advantages of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy are immensely significant. Various evidences show that they can help lower the risk of different medical and chronic conditions like osteoporosis, cardiac arrest, stroke and dementia. Moreover, it also aids in lowering the risk of periodontal disease and osteoarthritis. Finally, it also lowers aging symptoms and wrinkles dynamically.

Since hormones used in the natural hormone replacement therapy are similar to those produced in the body, they are relatively safe and more effective. The therapy also aims to imitate the natural processes of the body to provide symptomatic relief, without the side effects and long-term risks associated with the traditional synthetic hormone replacement therapy.

Today hormone replacement therapy Denver area has become a common and popular procedure among women. Already popular with women, HRT is increasingly becoming popular among men. The chief reason for availing hormone replacement therapy is to delay the natural aging process! Aging is inevitable, as we all will grow old. However, untimely aging or appearance of the visible signs of aging in younger people is not desirable. Besides, with aging, our body tends to lose its glamour and youthfulness. To restore youth, impart luster to our body, and rejuvenate our mind physicians recommends bio-identical hormone replacement therapy.

Why Bio-identical HRT is important

In females, the most essential hormone is estrogen, which again includes a class of three hormones – estrone, estriol and estradiol, all of which are essential for the maturity of sex organs in females and play vital roles during puberty, ovulation and pregnancy. As women approach menopause, the secretion of these hormones fluctuates. Under normal condition, estrogen secretion gradually decreases in perimenopausal women and stops after menopause. However, women are commonly found experiencing frequent mood swings, sluggishness, memory loss, hypoglycemia, migraine, irregular periods with heavy bleeding, and tenderness in breasts, asthma and allergies during perimenopausal period, which according to physicians occur due to estrogen dominance syndrome (EDS). One of the chief side effects of increased secretion of estrogen is acceleration in the aging process.


Samuel Dalusung