Creating Viral Facebook and Twitter Content


Going viral is the buzzword for Facebook and Twitter posts that are shared hundreds of times on the internet and viewed by thousands. How do you create content posts so that they cross over into the magic world of viral posts?

First rule of thumb is to make sure you have content worthy of going viral. Clever content is essential to creating viral posts. Once you have interesting content that you specifically have created for Facebook and Twitter, follow these tips to give it the boost from being a post seen by a few to a post that will be viewed by many.

Research what is going viral right now. Go to BuzzFeed or StumbleUpon to see what is hot and viral. You have to be in tune with what is going on in the world. Who is hot, what is hot and what is not. Think about ways your marketing could benefit from the trending topics and incorporate subject matter that relates to your product or service. Timing is everything and having a handle on what is resonating with social media users currently is crucial to presenting your information at the right time.

Studies consistently show that content with video and/or photos is much more likely to be shared. In fact, videos are 10 times more likely to be shared and photos five times more likely to be shared than text only posts.

Make sure your posts have a unique personality that will appeal to the largest number of people. While you may want to be middle of the road, the voice created within your posts needs to be authentic and real. Viral posts are ones that create strong feelings and connections. They are relatable and are not generic.

Don’€™t do a hard sell. Instead use classic storytelling techniques to get your story shared. Create a story instead of heavy hitting sales pitches within your content. A good story will sell your post for you.

Use humor to lift up readers. Everyone needs a good laugh in our very stressful world. The posts that have humor and video are the most likely ones to be shared. Numerous companies are using this more and more to motivate their followers to share content and discuss the funny Facebook or Twitter post at the water cooler.

Social bookmarking is a method that works well for getting traffic to your site. The best way to do this is to use an automated social bookmarking service like SocialPoster or SocialMaker. They are free and you simple put the URL of your post into the fields on the sites and they will submit your article to over 100 social bookmarking sites.


Samuel Dalusung