Hypertension Diet Can Beat Medication

Research states that four in every ten adults suffer hypertension. However, this does not disregard the chances for young adults. An effective hypertension diet covers a lot of spectrum, and that comprises age brackets, which also means variation in food preparation. To simplify, hypertension diet is classified into two: the restricted diet and the include-in diet. First of all, it is necessary to have a good BP monitor such as Omron BP785 which can detect hypertension.

Low Calories. Obesity can definitely lead someone to hypertension. An individual in this case considers hypertension diet with low calorie in take. And that means restriction in foods like egg and fried food. A patient must coordinate with his doctor if his calorie intake is inline with his age, sex and physical activeness.

File search Sharaget.com Pro Protein. Proteins are good source of energy for the brains and cells. For patients suffering from severe hypertension, they need to restrict their protein consumption to 20 gm/day. A good example of hypertension diet must give 60 grams of protein per day to a patient who weighs 60 kilograms.

Reduce fats. Doctors don’t recommend zero fat diet, as the body also needs a reasonable amount of it. However for a proper hypertension diet, reduced fat intake also means reduced chances of arteriosclerosis. Animal fats are nasty. Foods like liver, organ meat, crabs, prawns and lobster should be curtailed in a diet. If oils cannot be prevented, then have meals that use corn oil, sunflower oil or olive oil.


Samuel Dalusung