My Take on Weight Loss Studies

Back when I was beginning my studies, there was a very popular diet book out. I wrote about it in my Living Low Carb when I reviewed all the low carb diets called The Carbohydrate Addict’s Diet . And I always thought it was a little coo-coo, to tell you the truth. And a little meshuga is a Jewish word for nuts. But she actually was saying something very similar. Now, it’s starting to all begin to make sense because they basically had, they would never had called it this, but I’m telling you it was Atkins for breakfast, Atkins for lunch, and then a very balanced, higher carb meal at night which was kind of the opposite of what intuitively you would think would work. And yet, they got spectacularly good results and very, very loyal cult following of people because it worked for many people. Is it the same kind of thing? Yeah. And here’s one big disconnect.

So it seems logical that you’d want to have your carbs in the morning. You can burn them. But something that I realized was that there’s such a big time lag between eating and burning. So here’s a metaphor. Marathon runners, you imagine a gal who is training and is working with you, the practice they’ve done forever is they’ll do a pasta dinner the night before the race. Learn more at and

They don’t do a pasta breakfast before the gun goes off. Dr. Jonny: Right. Right. So it takes a while to form glycogen out of your food. And in the right time of day, your body can really build glycogen and the skeletal muscle out of the food to whereas first thing in the morning, you’re going to push cortisol down. And they’ve shown that a higher carb breakfast, you’re going to have less mental productivity and less energy throughout the day and probably more insulin resistance also. Dr. Jonny: So but in The Adrenal Reset Diet , you’re still pretty close to the, I don’t want to put words in your mouth, but you’re certainly not a high carb/low fat guy.

One thing would be about adaptogens. You hear so much about tonics, supplements, adrenal supplements, adrenal blends. Learn more about weight loss at’re all so specific. So when the adrenals are not working right, they are going to be often one of three distinct states. They’re overproducing, they’re backwards producing, or they’re underproducing. And most all of the herbal tonics or adaptogens are really a better fit for one of those levels than the others. Many of them will raise cortisol. Some will lower it. And some will change its timing. And if your cortisol is too high, something like licorice that raises cortisol will not serve you. And if it’s too low, something like ashwaghanda that lowers it, that’s not going to be helpful either. Dr. Jonny: And where does rhodiola rosea fit into this? That’s a good thing. That’s mostly a matter of changing timing of cortisol. So I call that the stressed phase, the wired or tired or the crashed phase. Dr. Jonny: Oh, excellent! Yeah, and each of those respond best to more distinct therapies. It makes me nuts. I did a video a while back in which I bought the top ten adrenal supplements on Amazon. And they’re all a list of like ten, fifteen, twenty ingredients that do completely different things. Dr. Jonny: Wow. Oh, that’s really, really interesting.


Robin Patterson