why working on making sex great with the same person is a really good idea

There’s a problem with having a bit on the side. And listen, I’m not denying the appeal. If we’re being totally honest (and the whole point of this book is to be just that), no one’s denying that our libidos are revived spectaculary by a new playmate. The problem is, the excitement quickly fades and you’re left the old problems again. It’s the grass-is-greener syndrome. The sex feels few of the newness and the “taboo” infidelity buzz, but once you’re used to the new body and more of a passion killer you’re allowed to be with this person (the kiss of death for practically all affairs), boredom settles in. Unless you intend to spend the rest of your life skipping on to greener pastures, this is why working on making sex great with the same person is a really good idea. Learn more at http://enlargement-world.blogspot.com/2016/10/tips-for-better-sex-and-intimacy.html and http://worstthing.org/pathway-to-stronger-and-longer-orgasms/
It used to be that women had affairs if they fell out of love with their husbands and in love with someone else Then it became pseudo- acceptable (between friends, and as much as affairs are ever accepted) to have if~only—l—hadn’t- drunk-so—much~l’d—never~have<loneit one~night slip-ups, if you weren’t getting any at home These days, a woman can be blissfully happy with her 2.5 million and white picket fence. be in love, and sexually satisfied by her husband — and still feel ]tlSllll8d in having a bit on the side Ask them why and they ll say “I deserve it,” “lt makes me feel alive” So who are these women, having two bites of the cherry? That girlfriend who travels for work. Women who work away from home (even it’s only twice a year) are twice as likely to have had two or more affairs during the past five years. The mother who’s iust waved off her last little one to preschool and for the first time in her life has time to herself She decides to get her figure back and hubby, ironically, pays for the personal trainer as a present — who s 25, with the body of an Adonis and a Mrs. Robinson fixation In fact, pretty well all surveys that by the year 20lO the numbers of men and women having affairs will be equal, exploding the myth that the male is more adulterous by nature Given half the chance, women cheat as much as men do The only difference is that these days we‘ve got just as many opportunities as he does. Interestingly though, while about 10 percent of men leave their long—term partners for their lovers, around one-third of women do What remains true or both The likelihood of an affair surviving as a long-term relationship is still slim Possible moral of the story if you’re going to play men at their given game, play by their rules.
Do a quick survey of all your friends to find out how common it is and how well it’s likely to be received. No need to confess what you’re up to, just wait until everyone’s had a few drinks and start a general conversation about it. Say you read a story that oral sex is the “Favorite Sex Act Of All Time.” Do they agree? What makes it so great? What’s the best oral they’ve ever had? Why? What do they think is the best tip they’ve ever done/heard of? Make sure you ask a mix of same- and opposite-sex friends to get both perspectives. Learn more at http://www.kiwibox.com/nicolascas/blog/entry/138061041/help-themselves-achieve-orgasm-with-x4-labs/

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